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Raj and Akhil Shah

The Edmonds Waterfront Project has received very generous and inspiring support from the community. One of the most heart-warming and interesting examples is what gave rise to the Edmonds Pop-Up Shop… 

In 1971, sixteen year-old, Raj Shah immigrated to Seattle from his native Kenya. Raj’s older brother was working for Boeing and encouraged Raj to move to Seattle.  The Neal Family of Edmonds, Washington hosted Raj and he enrolled in Edmonds High School. A year later, Raj’s younger brother, Akhil, also immigrated and the Neal Family hosted him as well. 

In 1975, Raj & Akhil founded a young men’s apparel design/wholesale company – Shah Safari, Inc. which experienced meteoric growth and grew into a very successful global enterprise over the years and continue to thrive today. Shah Safari’s global headquarters remains in Seattle. 

Raj and Akhil and their families have always been very grateful to the Neal Family and the Edmonds community at large.  They became very enthusiastic when they learned of the Edmonds Waterfront Center project and decided to make a cash donation of $50,000 to help with the construction of the Center as a way of saying thank you to the Neals and Edmonds. 

In addition, they decided to open a Pop-Up Shop in downtown Edmonds as well as this online store to offer additional support to the Waterfront Center. The shop showcases their innovative, high quality men’s and women’s apparel from their various brands. 

A percentage of sales from the physical and online stores will be donated to continue to help fund the new Edmonds Waterfront Center.

 Listen to the interview with Raj on KIRO Radio.

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